Are you already working as a shamanic practitioner or would you like to open your own practice as a shamanic practitioner and need support?
In your treatments you repeatedly come across a personal issue or points that hinder you in supporting your patients or clients, that slow you down or make you more unclear?
Something in your treatment or counselling processes is not running smoothly for you and you would like to take a closer look at it together with me and change it?
You would like to train and deepen yourself as a beginning or advanced practitioner in a group of like-minded people?
You are a group of shamanic practitioners who would like to take supervision/start a group together?

Then you are cordially invited to contact me.

Dates and contents

The dates and contents for individual supervision are agreed upon individually; the same applies within the groups for the dates and contents of group supervision.

Examples of possible supervision and further training contents:

  • if required: training/deepening of individual treatment techniques
  • complex or difficult treatment processes
  • processing of concrete cases in the current treatment practice
  • clarification of personal traps and pitfalls
  • advanced treatment techniques and practices
  • expansion of strength and healing power as a practitioner
  • dealing with severe physical illnesses in treatment
  • possible cooperation with co-therapists/-practitioners
  • the classification of psychological complaints in treatment
  • dealing with persistent victim attitudes
  • shaping the initial conversation and the therapeutic relationship as a shamanic practitioner
  • precision in finding the central core issues and blockages
  • in addition the application of the techniques Inner SpaceWork, Inner Stage and Inner Spaces developed by me (advanced)
  • precision in the application and guidance of the medicine songs (advanced)
  • the connection of the different levels of perception in the work with the medicine songs (advanced)
  • general expansion of the medicine songs
  • the expansion of one’s own perception with regard to the energy systems and processes of the clients (advanced)
  • training and expansion of the client’s perception

The supervision takes place mainly online via Zoom.

Duration & costs

In the supervision groups we plan half a session/25 min of effective working time per person.
Individual supervision takes 50 min.

Group supervision: 155 € per person.
Individual supervision: 255 €.

To grow…
doesn´t mean to be as large as possible as quickly as possible. Growing means:
to develop our own adequate size very and gradually,
until we touch the sky inside ourselves.

Jochen Mariss, Grafik Werkstatt