Individual work: Treatment, Coaching & Mentoring

Do you want a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life, but something keeps getting in your way?

Are there certain life issues that run like a red thread through your life and keep getting the better of you?
Physical or psychological complaints or illnesses?
Beliefs or ideas, role or behavioral patterns or deep-seated fears that keep limiting you?

Are you unable to transform your life so that you can live the way you really want to?
Are you unable to realize your vision?

Or are you passionate about your personal development, longing for growth and deepening?
Are you curious and want inspiration, renewal and more joy in life?

Do you want to create change, not just for yourself, but for the world as a whole?

Or are you already on your spiritual path of development and would like to deepen your knowledge and need a teacher?

Do you want to understand the metaphysical structures and connections, do you want precise and tangible knowledge transfer?
Do you want to take your place and not only find happiness, meaning and fulfillment, but also serve others?
Are you looking for ways to live more consciously and actively shape your life?

Then you’ve definitely come to the right place and I look forward to working with you and getting to know you!

Whether you just need a brief impetus, short or long-term guidance and support, and which form is right for you, we’ll see together.

I work with methods that give you direct access to the causal structures and that clearly point the way to the next necessary steps.
I also use techniques that can be used to initiate very specific processes and effects in your entire system.

Most of the individual sessions take place online via Zoom or telephone, in individual cases also on site in the practice.

A brief insight into the background of Shamanic Energy Medicine for possible treatment processes:

While we in Western civilization have over the last few centuries focused very much on the physically visible reality and accordingly on the functioning of the physical body, medicine men and women have always also turned their attention to the subtle anatomy or our energy body, referred to in the ancient lineages, for example, as a luminous egg or luminous shell, and today as an aura, light body or energy field.
This energy body, which makes up and envelops every living being, contains the following memories: Experiences from our current life span, from previous life spans/incarnations, from our family/genetic lineage and collective experiences.

Serious and painful experiences lead to condensations in the energy field, so-called imprints, which over time block the natural flow of energy or influence it unfavorably and can create complaints, emotional states and restrictions of all kinds, often combined with the experience of being the victim of external circumstances.

In addition, countless conditionings over our lifetime ensure that we get caught up in concepts and ideas about what a proper life should look like.

In many cases, all of these accumulations give rise to physical and psychological complaints, from whose grip we can often only free ourselves completely once we have released and cleared the causal structures.

Accordingly, the focus in shamanic energy medicine is less on the individual symptoms and more on the cause in the energy field of the affected person, and aims to change this in order to influence all areas of life.
In this way, we can not only release forces hidden deep within us and release old fears, emotions, beliefs and patterns of behaviour that hold us captive, thereby influencing physical and psychological complaints of all kinds, but we can also recognize again what we are really here for.

Some of our issues and patterns can be resolved with just one or a few treatments, while most, and especially the central core issues of our personality, require several sessions in succession; here it is often worthwhile to span several treatment appointments in order to achieve a complete change.

This form of treatment is not only suitable for adults, but also helps children and adolescents with physical and psychological complaints and behavioral problems; children can also be treated long-distance at an agreed time.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Dschalâl-ed-dîn Rumî