Treatment with Shamanic Energy Medicine

Our lives are created for deep growth and development, for love, fulfilment and genuine happiness; our consciousness is created to expand and enable deepest self-knowledge.

We usually fail this when suffering from physical or psychological ailments or illnesses, or when certain life issues, patterns of thought and behaviour or deep-seated fears repeatedly limit us and prevent us from living our lives the way we want to.

A brief insight into the background of Shamanic Energy Medicine:
While we in Western civilisation have over the last centuries placed a lot of focus on the physically visible reality and accordingly on the functioning of the physical body, medicine men and women have since time immemorial also turned their attention to the subtle anatomy/the energy body, in the ancient lineages referred to, for example, as the luminous egg or luminous shell, today as the aura, light body or energy field.
In this energy field, which constitutes and envelops every living being, there are traces of everything we have ever experienced – during our current life span, but also in all previous incarnations/life spans and in the experiences of our ancestors/genetic lineage – everything remains stored. All good and neutral, but also all stressful experiences.

These sometimes serious and painful experiences, which we call original wounds, lead to condensations in the energy field, to so-called fractures or imprints, which can generate feelings of threat, fear, struggle, lack, guilt, shame, inferiority or being unloved in us and the experience of being the victim of external circumstances.

These condensations block the natural flow of energy or influence it in an unfavourable way and thus, in the course of many life spans, in our family genetics and, of course, also on a collective level, lead us to plunge into a continuing cycle of sorrowful experiences, repeating the same stories over and over again, out of the same ideas and created assumptions about ourselves and life.

Moreover, so much happens on this journey through our life spans; we take on different roles, enter victim, perpetrator and rescuer places, get caught, often unconsciously, in the assumed roles and in the world of forms with all their concepts and ideas about what a real life should look like.
All these memories in many cases give rise to physical as well as psychological complaints, from whose grip we can often only free ourselves completely when we have redeemed and cleansed the causal structure in the energy field.

And this is precisely the task and approach of shamanic energy medicine, which accordingly focuses less on the individual symptoms and more on the cause in the energy body of the person concerned. The change in this blueprint/”software” leads to change in our lives and influences all areas of our existence.

By directly working on the issues in the energy field, we can not only release forces hidden deep within us and release old fears, emotions, beliefs and behaviour patterns that hold us captive and thus influence physical, emotional, mental and psychological complaints of all kinds, but we can also hear the call of our soul again.
In connection with this, rediscovering our own path is a great enrichment for our lives.

The treatment processes with me follow in particular the traditions of the Inca shamans of Peru as well as the Amazon shamans with extremely powerful healing practices.
I work partly with the help of the drum and various medicine chants, with whose help I initiate very specific processes and effects in the energy field.
If it seems necessary to me, I supplement the treatment process with other techniques that give you/you more direct access to the causal structures and a clearer view and/or that show us very clearly the way towards the next necessary steps.
It is also important to me that the changes experienced go hand in hand with an increasing awareness of what is happening, so that you are increasingly able to see the bigger picture and act accordingly.

During treatment, profound changes and extended processes of consciousness may appear with surprising ease; at the same time, there may be periods of cleansing and transformation, which may well demand strength and focus from you, while at the same time holding great grace.
Each treatment also follows our own personal healing journey, part of which may be to first come into harmony and peace with what is; for each of our experiences originally served as an opportunity for development and growth and therefore offers us a gift, a lesson that we must be prepared to find.

Some of our issues and patterns can be resolved by just one or a few treatments, while most, and especially the central core issues of our personality, require several sessions in a row; here it is often worthwhile to build up an arc over several treatment appointments in order to achieve a complete change.

This form of treatment is not only suitable for adults, but also helps children and adolescents with physical as well as psychological complaints and behavioural problems in an easy way, precisely because kids often process much more quickly and effortlessly.

Treatment appointments are made in the clinic, via telephone or online via Zoom; children can also be treated at a distance at an arranged time.

The wound is the place where the light enters you.

Dschalâl-ed-dîn Rumî