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Kerstin is a shaman, medicine woman and spiritual teacher,
also a psychotherapist.
She stands for deep transformation and the remembering of who we really are.

You long for transformation?

You are passionate about your personal development?

Do you wish for an end to suffering, in yourself and in the world?
To free yourself from the shackles of the spirit, from oppression, both internally and externally?
It calls you to live more freely?

To live more consciously?
To influence in the most beautiful way?
To help and serve yourself and others?
To take your place, your guardianship for the benefit of all living beings? To create change in the world?

You have a deep longing for more spirituality and depth in your life?
For more clarity and an understanding of the bigger picture and the larger structures?

You want inspiration,
want to transform your life into a shining story, into a happy, fulfilled and meaningful life?

Then you’ve come to the right place; because this is my passion and I love working with people who are burning for their innermost transformation, embarking on a journey to awaken more.
By combining psychological and spiritual development, we enable you to realize your vision of a life that deeply suits you.

You will change.

Your perception of the world will change.

In addition to the training series, seminars and ceremonies, I offer the possibility of individual sessions for personal support;
I am also available for talks.
Would you like to get to know me or my work better?
Then you are very welcome!

More about Kerstin
The “transformation of society”
is not so important;
it will occur naturally and inevitably when
the person has completed the inner transformation.

Jiddhu Krishnamurti


Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Brinkbäumer
Shaman | Medicine Woman | Spiritual Teacher
Psychological Psychotherapist
Children´s and Youth therapist

Salzstr. 52
48143 Münster

phone number: 0049-(0)251-97205566

Individual work:
Treatment, Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision.

Ceremonies, seminars and trainings.

All individual sessions are on a self-pay basis.