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For profound transformation.
For spiritual awakening.
For a life without suffering, with meaning, fulfillment and in freedom.

You long for transformation?

You are passionate about your personal development?

You have a deep longing for more spirituality and depth in your life?
For more clarity and an understanding of the bigger picture and the larger structures?

It calls you to live more consciously?
To have influence in the most beautiful way?
To help yourself and other people?
To take your place, your stewardship for the benefit of all beings?

You long for inspiration,
want to transform your life story into a luminous experience?

Then you/you are in the right place, because this is my passion and I love to work with people who are burning for their innermost transformation, embarking on the journey to awaken more.
By combining psychological and spiritual development and using various methods especially from the shamanic and energetic fields, we enable you to realise your vision of a life that deeply suits you.

You will change.

Your perception of the world will change.

Besides the training series, seminars and ceremonies I offer the possibility of individual sessions for personal support.
Would you like to get to know me or my work better? Or are you already in development processes and wish for more depth at certain points? Or are you currently in a challenging situation and would like more clarity about what is really at stake and to uncover the underlying causes?
Then we can also arrange a single session in which we get to the bottom of the situation together and explore the solution.

You are most welcome!

more about me and my education
Where there is great love,
there are
always miracles.

Willa Cather


Dipl.-Psych. Kerstin Brinkbäumer
Psychological Psychotherapist
Children´s and Youth therapist

Salzstr. 52
48143 Münster

phone number: 0049-(0)251-97205566

Shamanic Energy Medicine,
Wisdom Teachings & Spirituality.
Treatment, Coaching, Mentoring, Supervision.
Ceremonies, seminars and trainings.

All individual sessions are on a self-pay basis.