Are you personally and/or professionally active in the shamanic or spiritual field and would like to work more with the Medicine Songs?
You want to start with the chants from scratch, deepen your relationship to the Ikaros/Mariris/Medicine Songs or use them more precisely, or you want to learn chants on a certain topic or for a certain area of life?
Are you a group of shamanic practitioners who would like to be trained in the Medicine Songs together?

Then you are welcome to contact me!

The dates and contents for the coaching we discuss individually respectively within the group.

The coaching sessions take place via Zoom.

Duration & costs

In the supervision groups we plan half a session/25 min of effective working time per person.
Individual supervision takes 50 min.

Medicine songs-group-coaching: 170 € per person.
Medicine songs-individual-coaching: 270 €.

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