Spiritual Coaching & Mentoring

You are already on your path of spiritual growth and wish to deepen your knowledge, you need a teacher?

You want to understand the metaphysical structures and correlations in your life, wish for precise and tangible knowledge transfer?
You want to take your place and thereby not only find happiness, meaning and fulfilment, but also serve others?
You are looking for ways to align physical reality and the greater vision within you, looking for ways to live and co-create even more consciously?
To no longer make your life dependent on external circumstances, but to take it into your own hands again?
You are curious and wish for inspiration, renewal and more joy of life?

Your soul is hungry for spirituality, for more depth, different perspectives, greater contexts?
You are urged to find answers to the great questions of life?
You are searching for self-awareness and for truth?

A brief insight into the bigger picture and the background of our soul journey:
On the soul level, we come into physical form to enter diverse spaces of experience, thereby growing and (re-) recognising ourselves more and more for who we really are.
We want to expand, to free our powers and qualities and bring them into the world. The further we go, the more the possibility grows within us to become more awake, up to the possibility of fully awakening to the truth.
The journey towards awakening can never be shortened, but is a long-lasting (and often, once it calls us, passionate, inevitable) process of transformation.

At the highest level and with complete awakening, our eyes behold only the One in all facets and forms, the One Great Consciousness, the only truly existent, depending on the tradition e.g. called Great Mind or Great Spirit, all illusion of separation dissolves completely.
It is this deepest form of self-knowledge, the seeing of absolute truth, that truly quiets us and brings inner peace, restores connection and freedom, and enables unconditional love and deep trust in life.

The key on this journey is first and foremost our own frequency – our own vibration, completely independent of “external” circumstances. You wish to be in harmony with everything, in the right relationship with things, you wish to be an “uplifter”, i.e. someone who raises the energy in the room?

Then this form of coaching is the right one for you and I will be happy to accompany you.

Sometimes it just needs a push, sometimes a short term accompaniment; in other phases of our life and development a longer term accompaniment and support can be extremely helpful; what the best form is, we see together.
Coaching sessions mostly take place online via Zoom or telephone, in individual cases also on site in the practice.

I wish I could show you
when you are lonely or in darkness the amazing light of your own being.