Shamanic Practitioner Training

A journey through the four directions of the Medicine Wheel – a four part series

The journey through the Medicine Wheel creates great transformation, bringing connection, healing, balance and wholeness into our lives.

Who are you really? What makes you who you are? What is your place? What are you here for?
Where is your journey going? What is the meaning and what is it really about?
Do you ask yourself these questions? Actually everything is fine and you are content with yourself and your life, and yet there is this call and urge for answers.
Your soul is calling for spirituality, for depth and truth – to remind you of who you really are.
For hundreds of years, shamans have used the medicine wheel as a guide for life’s path – like a map.
The journey through the medicine wheel, part of many shamanic traditions, allows you to enter a magical world that teaches you that all things are connected to you. It holds the key to a deeper understanding of our being.

The four directions of the sky or wind represent different mythological dimensions whose power is revealed to those who engage with them. They correspond to the four dimensions of the human being with which the shaman works: The physical level, the level of the mind and emotions, the level of the soul and the level of pure energy.

In the Shamanic Practitioner training on the Journey through the Medicine Wheel you will learn

how to come into true connection with your being through the magical world of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel,
how to free yourself from fear and suffering with the help of shamanism,
how to transform your history and redeem the past,
How you can make the world more luminous and fulfil your role as a guardian,
How to get more in touch with the earth and all that lives on it,
What the different wind directions of the medicine wheel mean and how they influence your life,
How to find more fulfilment in your life as a whole, your profession and your relationships,
How to live consciously and make your vision come true,

Dates in 2022 & 2023

March 4 – 6, 2022: South

April 22 – 24, 2022 : West

June 17 – 19, 2022: North

September 16 – 18, 2022: East

(This round is already running and can therefore no longer be booked.)

March 24- 26, 2023: South

June 2 – 4, 2023: West

August 11 – 13, 2023: North

Sept 29- Oct 1, 2023: East


Seminarhaus Gut Alte Heide
bookings: www.gutalteheide.de


2500 € per person

to be paid in five parts:
divided between the individual classes:
600 € each for South class and West class,
650 € each for North class and East class;
the deposit paid at the time of registration will be offset against the payment for the last course.

Limited number of participants.

Your registration becomes valid with the receipt of the deposit/registration fee.
The registration fee is 500 € for the whole Medicine Wheel; thus your place is reserved in all four parts. The deposit will be deducted from the payment of the last course.


Please be aware that the Medicine Wheel is currently taught in German.
If you are called to participate, but don´t speak german, please contact me directly to see if we can find a solution for you.
Or if you are called to and manage to organise a group of at least around 20 people, we can also set up a second Medicine Wheel in English.

Information and registration

South – Serpent2022-01-11T17:19:13+01:00

Shedding our old skin – letting go of the personal stories of victimhood, shifting from earlier woundings into sources of power and strength. The wounded healer turns into the hero:

On the journey through the South, the focus is especially on the central events of your current life span; you learn to shed your past like the snake sheds its skin. We will use various shamanic tools, journeys, rituals and ceremonies to redeem old wounds in order to fundamentally change your present and future.
The serpent also teaches us to walk belly to belly with the mother, that is, in deep trust in the earth and all that she holds for us.

In the South you will learn more about the background of shamanism, shamanic practices and attitudes to life, the archetypal forces and the different levels of perception, also about the anatomy of the luminous energy field and the effects of injuries and traumas in the energy field.
We work in sacred space and with shamanic fire ceremonies, and you learn a breathing and meditation practice that enables you to easily clear harmful energies and connect with the archetypal forces of the wind directions. The initiation rites of the South begin to open your inner vision further.

Also, in the South we begin to build your own medicine bundle, which will continue to grow over the next wind directions and allow you to work through your own issues using your medicine stones as well.

West – Jaguar2022-01-11T17:19:44+01:00

The dissolution of karmic and genetic imprints and the reconnection with our ancestral lineage. Working with the shadow and stepping out of the Victim-Perpetrator-Rescuer-mode:

Having stripped away our personal history, in the West we turn particularly to working through and redeeming our karmic and genetic lineage, i.e. working with the wounding and memory from your previous incarnations, including that of the greatest suffering and the greatest abuse of power, and releasing your relationship with your ancestors and redeeming the structures that have held you in their grip from your family history to this day.
You will learn about Ancestor Ceremony and Ancestor Altar as part of this process.

Side by side with Jaguar, we also enter the path of the luminous warrior in the West, the peaceful warrior who has nothing to prove, nothing to defend, nothing to hide, even from himself. To do this, we turn to our shadow places and projections, to all the things that we have not yet integrated, that we have not taken to ourselves, the luminous as well as the seemingly dark.

In the West, we free ourselves from assumed roles as perpetrators, victims or saviours and step out of this structure of disempowerment.
With the initiation rites of the West you enter into your stewardship over earth and all of creation.

North – Hummingbird2022-01-11T17:20:01+01:00

The shedding of old roles and the return to our place by the fire. Our relationship with the Great Spirit and the Great Truth. The place of surrender and the departure into the sweetness of life:

With entry into the North begins the real medicine path, the real great journey of following our call – which has only become possible through the fundamental processes of purification and change of the South and West. You learn even more than before to drink deeply, like the hummingbird, from the nectar of life, to dive even more into life.

You learn how roles that we have consciously and unconsciously adopted affect our destiny and life path, and you trace all your roles.
You let go of old roles, ego structures and identifications in order to recognise the essence behind them, to experience what remains. Because only then can we take our place again – the one that was always meant for us – and enter into a whole new relationship with life.

Also, in the North, you are taking your place in the medicine lineage and making all that you have learned so far in your life journey truly yours.
To do this we will also transform your relationship with all your teachers on your life journey, the intentional and the unintentional.
In the North we dive deep into the ancient wisdom teachings and the initiation rites of the North connect you not only to the lineage of the wisdom keepers but also to that of the luminous beings and guardians over this planet.

East – Eagle2022-01-11T17:20:17+01:00

The big picture, dreaming and our (co-)creativity. The great transformation – back to the stars. We recognise ourselves as the ones we have been waiting for:

On the journey through the East you learn to fly like the eagle side by side with the Great Spirit, no longer losing sight of the big picture. You are becoming more and more visionaries and creators who are shaping their lives and the world awake.

In the East we will not only release beliefs and projections that still limit you and close old back doors, but also create a very comprehensive and powerful shift in which we raise your relationship to all things in your life to a new level so that you are more and more able to dream your vision and your life awake into existence.

You will learn more ways and techniques to detect resistance and see bigger connections, you will also learn to create a force field in your now complete medicine bundle. You become full mesa carriers.
The medicine stones as well as the shamanic journey connect you to new, greater powers and further allies.

The initiation rites of the East enable you to step into Homo Luminus, the luminous human, and activate your creative power. You enter into the stewardship of all creation.

You have made the Earth sacred, as well as my body.
That’s why I want to keep the Earth sacred in your name, respect every blade of grass and honor the flowers and trees.
With worshipping of all living my soul grows
and my body becomes strong in the rhythm of your Sun and your Moon.

A Shaman´s prayer