Shamanic Dreaming

2-day-workshop plus online-prep-class for beginners, advanced practitioners and shamanic energy medicine practitioners

Shamans are mediators between the worlds. For them, journeys to different levels of consciousness are a natural process that gives us the opportunity to get in touch with and use the universal power that connects everything – to connect with the life forces, to ensure our survival with their help, to heal us and to gain insights into the wisdom of life. Our goal in shamanic dreaming is soul strengthening: In dreams we encounter the universal life forces, whose potential we can transfer to the waking level and use in everyday life. Shamanic dreaming is not dissimilar to the shamanic journey – shamans understand the high art of dreaming as a possibility to track down the hidden forces of the universe. For thousands of years they have developed the high art of awake dreaming, i.e. they are able to keep their consciousness awake beyond the threshold of sleep in order to go on a dream journey; thus they can dive into the dream state and at the same time follow a conscious intention.

Core elements:
Importance of dreaming, waking dream consciousness and continuity of consciousness in transitions from everyday waking to dream state, strengthening dream recall, waking dream journeys, realisation of dream intentions, dream path, dream stone, dreaming dreams to good end, recapitulation/release of blocked power with the help of the dream body.

This workshop is intended to introduce you to the shamanic art of dreaming, with the aim, among other things, of promoting a more conscious transition from the waking world to the dream world, so that in dreaming you are aware that you are dreaming. With the help of different exercises and techniques we will increase your lucidity/clarity as well as your dream abilities. You should be able to recognize dream signs, communicate better with your dream partners and bring intentions and questions into your dreams or ask the powers in your dreams for help. You should also be able to strengthen your dream memory by anchoring the dream experiences in your daily routine so that you can continue or finish your dream at a later time if necessary, so that your encounters with the Force no longer collapse unintentionally.
Various waking dream journeys as part of this workshop create a clear entrance for you into conscious dreaming, into the realisation of your dream intentions and creative power, into the release of power bound e.g. by stressful moments in your life history and the release of nightmares and repetitive dreams.

The workshop is divided into two parts: The weekend on site and the whole month before, in which you will receive different tasks from me via email, which concern your dreams, give you a new access to the dream worlds and prepare the contents of the weekend.

Therefore I ask you to register for this workshop in time. If you decide to participate in the workshop at short notice and the preparation time is already running, this is also possible and we will simply discuss the best approach for you.

Next date

Start of the online preparation phase: October 10, 2022.

November 05 – 06, 2022 on site.

We start at 10.00 am on both days, on Saturday the room is open from 9.30 am for you to arrive. We finish at 5.30 pm on Saturday and at 4.30 pm on Sunday.

During the four-week preparation phase, you will receive regular emails from me with practical exercises and explanations.


Schillerstr. 31
48155 Münster


450 € per person.

The registration fee is 150 €.

Your registration becomes valid with the receipt of the deposit/registration fee.
Please transfer the remaining fee until one week before the course starts.
You will find all information and the account details for the transfer in the General Terms and Conditions.


Please note that the workshops are currently taught in German; if you are called to participate, please contact me directly to see if we can work out a solution for you.

And are you awake now?

Shai Tubali