Shamanic Healer Training

Training in Shamanic Energy Medicine

In this training you will learn basic shamanic techniques to be able to use them in your work.  The training will help you both with developing or expanding your shamanic tools and skills to develop a client practice and with continuing your personal journey of transformation and growth and deepening your knowledge and wisdom on the shamanic path. You are welcome with and without shamanic pre-experience.

Dates in 2021

August 13-15, 2021: Part 1 – Illumination

Sept 03-05, 2021: Part 2 – Extraction

Oct 02-03, 2021: Part 3 – Soul Retrieval

Nov 03-05, 2021: Part 4 – Death Rites

Dec 04-05, 2021: Part 5 – Altar and Ceremony

Jan 08-09, 2022: Part 6 – Tracking and Journeying

Febr 05-06, 2022: Part 7 – Medicine Songs


Tango El Beso
Hafenstr. 64
48153 Münster


for participation in the whole training: 2750 € pro Person

class 1, 2, 4 (Fr – Su): each 450 € per person

class 3, 5, 6, 7 (Sa – Su): each 350 € per person

Please be aware that the Healer Training is currently taught in german.
If you are called to participate, but don´t speak german, please contact me directly to see if we can find a solution for you.
Or if you are called to and manage to organise a group of at least around 16 people, we can also set up a second Healer Training in english.

Limited number of participants.

Your registration becomes valid with the receipt of the deposit/registration fee.
The registration fee is 350 € for the whole healer training; thus your place is reserved in all seven parts. The deposit will be deducted from the payment of the last course.
The registration fee for a single course is 150 €.

Contents and registration

Class 1: Illumination2021-11-03T18:06:24+01:00

All our experiences leave a trace on the soul level, a so-called energetic imprint. Burdensome or threatening experiences, if left unresolved, lead to the loss of our powers and possibilities and can prevent healing and health on a physical and psychological level. In this workshop you will learn how to detect these energetic imprints as well as how to dissolve them and reprogram the energy field as a core element of the treatment process. You will also learn how to hold and see your clients, embedded in the larger picture and truth of our existence.

Class 2: Extraction2021-11-03T18:06:42+01:00

Heavy energies, often triggered by strong negative emotions and memories of old injuries and deaths, can not only accumulate in our energy field, but can also crystallize and settle in our physical body, and are frequent causes of physical, sometimes chronic symptoms and diseases. In contrast to these crystallized energies that settle in the body, intrusive entities occupy our central nervous system and cause or intensify psychological problems; they make it difficult to change behaviour and heal various symptoms. In this workshop you will learn how to track these energies and to remove them completely with the help of various extraction techniques. You will also learn the precise cleansing of the whole system with the help of tobacco.

Class 3: Soul Retrieval2021-11-03T18:06:57+01:00

Soul retrieval can be used to bring back energies, powers and soul parts that we have lost in this or a previous life span as a result of trauma or that we have separated from ourselves as a result of a deep-seated belief. You will learn how to retrieve parts of the soul and to integrate them back into the everyday life of the client. Connected with this and also part of the workshop is the dissolving and renewal of dysfunctional beliefs, so-called soul contracts, which were originally intended to serve the purpose of overcoming a painful experience for which there seems to be no other solution. In the time of injury they give us a feeling of security and orientation, but later they become the source of limiting beliefs that hinder our development.

Class 4: Death Rites2021-11-03T18:07:14+01:00

To accompany a person in his/her transitions is an essential part of shamanism. In this workshop you will learn how to give people a good transition in dying, with recapitulation, forgiveness, purification and the great death spiral as some elements to be named. You will also learn how to use these elements to deal with wounded inner parts, to support a person in their process of maturation and transformation, as well as to accompany souls who have already died on their way home.

Class 5: Altar and Ceremony2021-11-03T18:07:30+01:00

As shamanic practitioners we work in the space of the sacred – and recognize the sacred in everything that is. Working with altars and ceremonies enables us to come into the right relationship with everything that is and happens in our lives in a profound and graceful way, and to carry out transformations on the soul level in an easy way. In this workshop you will learn to create soul pictures, altars and ceremonies for yourself and your clients; a key element to inner peace, balance and transformation.

Class 6: Tracking and Journeying2021-11-03T18:07:54+01:00

Many of our limiting patterns are hidden in the deep layers of our subconscious, with origins that sometimes reach far back in time. Likewise, our most luminous potentials and powers are often still beyond our reach. In this workshop you will learn various deepening techniques to find energies, hidden injuries and patterns, to perceive the body more precisely and to expand your ability to travel for you and your clients, to discover places of healing and destiny and to create profound and far-reaching changes.

Class 7: Medicine songs2021-11-03T18:08:10+01:00

This class will give you an introduction to the use of shamanic medicine songs in your treatment processes, so that you will be able to weave it into your treatment process or use it standing by its own. Shamanic healing and medical songs, as they are used in shamanic ceremonies, can initiate, support and strengthen also individual treatment processes in different ways. The workshop will provide you with the necessary background knowledge about the effects of the respective songs, their effects and the possibilities of their application.

Whole Shamanic Healer Training2021-11-03T18:08:47+01:00

Participation in the entire Healer Training involves all the seven classes.

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