Shamanic Ceremonies and Transformation

2-day-workshop for everyone

You always wanted to learn more about shamanic ceremonies and how to perform them yourself? Are you looking for a profound opportunity to balance or create powerful transformation with aspects of your life? You are already working as a practitioner and looking for ways to create new balance and harmony for your clients? You are currently in a period of change and your life is challenging you? Or you would like to get a process that has come to a standstill going again? You need thrust, no matter for what in your life, which is at the same time gentle, magical and powerful?

Then this workshop is made for you:

The content of this workshop is to learn how to perform the classical Ayni and Kuti Despacho with all its components according to the Inca tradition (for explanation see also: Despacho Ceremonies), so that after the workshop you will be able to perform these ceremonies independently for personal and communal purposes and intentions.

While the Ayni-Despacho is supposed to bring us into balance and into the right relationship, e.g. to a certain topic, the Kuti-Despacho is performed to free us from heavy energies and to create a protective shield for the transformation process. In addition, the Aya-Despacho is explained, which we can do to support the deceased on their journey.

We will be in ceremony a lot during this weekend – the workshop therefore offers you not only the possibility to get really familiar with the Despacho ceremonies, but also the special opportunity to very much fire up developmental processes that are currently in your life and may be rather slow in progress, and to give them considerable impetus, to transform and dissolve old remnants and structures with ease, and all this in a very supportive setting. So please use this workshop as a powerful catalyst for your own processes.

The workshop is therefore aimed equally at shamanic practitioners, people with and without previous shamanic experience.


This workshop has just taken place in November 2019; future dates will be announced in time.


Kulturquartier Münster
Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 41
48157 Münster


250 € per person


Registration currently not available
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