Shamanic Mini-Workshops

Shamanic deepening workshops for everyone

These workshops are suitable for everyone with and without previous shamanic experiences; if interested, they can be combined very well with the evenings of the ceremony.

The workshops should enable you to familiarize yourself with certain aspects of life or shamanism, to touch deeply into them and learn more about them in theory and practice.


The Journey of the Soul: Our first “birth” is not as a body, but as a luminous energy body – what we call the soul. In this workshop we will look at the evolution or developmental steps of the soul, plus what is important on this journey to avoid getting stuck in repetitive patterns and vicious circles; part of the workshop are, as always, practical shamanic and other techniques that enable very concrete steps.

Unconditional Love: What we think is unconditional love is often conditional love, limited by projections, expectations, fears and unconscious belief structures. In order for us to love unconditionally, we need to recognize not only the woundedness of the other, but also the pure structure/luminous being that is hidden in the other and in everything. How we can succeed in this and love unconditionally will be the content of this workshop.

My body and me: Our body accompanies us from birth, is our longest companion and greatest servant. It is our unique opportunity to have physical experiences. But our relationship to our body is often ambivalent, our idea of beauty and the “right” body image strongly influenced from the outside. In this workshop we will make our bodies and our relationship to our bodies shine more.

The Spirits, our helpers: Especially in these times we are very challenged as humanity as a whole and personally. And we often have the feeling that we are carrying too much weight on our own shoulders and that we are alone with many things. Yet there are actually hosts of forces ready to support us – luminous beings, angels, plant spirits and our ancestral lines, for example, to name but a few. Turning to these forces and entering into a targeted relationship with them will be the content of this workshop.

Money and love: Our relationship with money and wealth is often divided: Having money gives us more freedom and room to move and often the possibility to have more influence and shape our lives more in alignment with our desires and visions, for ourselves personally and for the world. At the same time, we are often caught up in ideas and judgements about, for example, whether it is good or bad to be wealthy, whether we deserve it or whether it is presumptuous to want more. In this workshop we will re-light our relationship with money.

Dates in 2021:

March 20, 2021: The Journey of the Soul

April 17, 2021: Unconditional Love 

May 29, 2021: My body and me 

July 10, 2021: The Spirits, our helpers 

October 23, 2021: Money and love

Dates in 2022:

The dates for the upcoming online-mini-workshops in 2022 will be announced in due time.

All online-workshops take place via Zoom.


85 € per person


Please note that the workshops are currently taught in German; if you are called to participate, please contact me directly to see if we can work out a solution for you.

Love has come to rule and transform.
Stay awake my heart, stay awake.

Dschalâl-ed-dîn Rumî