Psychotherapy can not only clear a way beyond our fears, insecurities, physical symptoms and oppressive experiences, it can also blaze a path towards essential changes and a contented life.

My personal specialisation is in working with the diseases listed on the right, although I also work with other disorders and symptoms.
My work is never about merely alleviating symptoms, rather it is always aimed at tackling the causes of a disorder at a deeper level in order to establish a new foundation and preventing relapse over the long-term. Each of my treatments is shaped entirely individually to the needs and situation of the person involved and in every case my aim is to reestablish the stability of the person affected and to also maintain it during and beyond the period of treatment.

Furthermore my work is based on the consciousness of our power, potential and dreams and wishes and their possibilities to be realized, as well as on the heartfelt truth that we have to shed any victim consciousness to live a truly free and happy life.
To grow…
doesn´t mean to be as large as possible as quickly as possible. Growing means:
to develop our own adequate size very and gradually,
until we touch the sky inside ourselves.

Jochen Mariss, Grafik Werkstatt