Both big and small questions of life can move us around, to which we, asked to ourselves, sometimes find no answers – coaching or mentoring can be a valuable help in this respect.

Who am I? What am I here for? How do I want to live? Where do I belong? How do I find fulfilment? Am I happy? What’s the point? – all this and much more can move us deeply, even if our life is actually ok, if there is obviously no reason for dissatisfaction, and yet…
Sometimes everything in us urges us to turn to the big questions; sometimes our soul hungers for spirituality, our being longs for more depth, for other ways, other perspectives, larger connections and more truth.

We want to grow, develop ourselves, free our powers and qualities and bring them out into the world.
At the same time we feel limited, sometimes we feel a blockage which we are unable to grasp or release on our own.

And then there are phases of life in which we wish for profound changes – in the way we live, in our relationships or in how we earn our money. In relation to our own behavior or thought patterns or certain roles which we seem to trap us.
Sometimes acute conflicts do not let us find peace, sometimes certain topics in life such as our private or professional success, our vocation, our self-image, love relationships, being alone or sexuality, to name but a few.
Sometimes we have a vision, but it seems impossible to bring it into the world; or we feel torn between different goals that seemingly cannot be reconciled.
Or we have the feeling that our own life has come to a standstill. As if having reached a dead end, without knowing how to turn back.

And sometimes we are already in the midst of a profound change, life, whether voluntary or involuntary, has thrown us into a transformation process that is not so easy for us walk through.

In all of this, coaching or mentoring can help to find answers, facilitate personal growth and come into right relationship, to walk through and overcome crises, to release conflicts and old structures and blockades and to free our powers and potentials.

Sometimes it only needs an impulse, sometimes a short term accompaniment; in other phases of our life and development a longer term accompaniment and support can be extremely helpful; the best form for you will show in the process and we will find out together.
Coaching sessions with me are possible both online and on site.

Let the beauty we love be what we do.
There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground.

Dschalâl-ed-dîn Rumî