Advanced-Workshop: Divination & Destiny Retrieval

5-day-workshop for advanced shamanic practitioners

This workshop will introduce you to various techniques of divination and introspection, as well as a very intuitive and powerful way of working, which is also carried within the treatments by devotion to the process and deep trust in the all moving “power behind the forces” as well as in the paths it leads us to and in the possibilities, abilities and highest potential of our clients.

This workshop is designed to empower the client for their own journey and to facilitate that journey with powerful techniques and embedded in love. The actual destiny retrieval is not so much a retrieval as a guided finding of the destiny by the client himself with great freedom and clarity; a technique that requires our utmost care and alertness because it can initiate powerful changes while offering great opportunities.


A new edition of this workshop is currently not planned, but is always possible upon request. Please contact me directly if you are called to this kind of work and workshop.

Participation requirements: completed journey through all four directions of the Medicine Wheel, the Light Body School or the first four parts of the Healing Training, or similar previous experience on shamanic paths.



Registration currently not available
Listen to what the heart knows-
will we choose what we know?

Shai Tubali