Advanced-Workshop – The power of shamanic medicine songs

5-day-workshop for advanced practitioners

In this workshop it is not only about learning different shamanic healing and medicine songs of different frequencies and possibilities and to be able to use them afterwards e.g. in your own client work, but also to open the access to the Icaros/songs and their effects in general.
You will learn medical chants of different qualities to start different cleansing processes, to travel deep-seated spaces and to find hidden blockades, to initiate specific healing processes and to invoke allied forces. Appropriate background knowledge, among other things, about the effects of the medicine songs and the possibilities of their application is imparted.
A focus is on deepening the inner view and intuition as a practitioner; the application of the songs in connection with one’s own perception and the perceptions of the client is part of the workshop. The workshop also aims to reawaken the connection to your own singing and the trust in its specific powers. Singing talent is not important at any point in this workshop.
In addition, there will be questions about the combination of medicine songs with other treatment techniques as well as questions about your own clients and the treatment processes of the participants.

Participation requirements: completed journey through all four directions of the Medicine Wheel, the Light Body School or the first four parts of the Healing Training, or similar previous experience on shamanic paths.



04. – 08. Oktober 2017

28. November – 02. Dezember 2018


Seminarhaus MaRah
Moororter Str. 24
32369 Rahden


1180,- € per person


Registration currently not available
Aho mitakuye oyasin
All my relations.
All my family is with me.

A Shaman´s prayer