Shamanic Healing Practices and Work in the Subtle Fields

Our life is made for growth and evolution, for the fulfillment of our heart´s desires, for love, cure, connection and happiness; our consciousness is made to expand. The paths to get there are to be found and to be trod by us.

To rediscover your own way, your own roots and longings, our heart´s and soul´s calling, can be a great enrichment to us.
Medicinemen and –women of all traditions hold in their hands the key to this ancient wisdom to find balance and fulfillment and peace within ourselves.

The core process of the treatments is the work in the subtle fields. My method of working is deeply feminine and powerful in its core and, besides my personal journey and apprenticeship, is based on a very primary connection to my shamanic roots with a strong intuition and a very clear inner sight.

The treatments that allow profound shifts and transformations and expanded states of consciousness to take place in great beauty and with ease, are strongly influenced by the traditions of the peruvian Inca-shamans of the Andes and the jungle-shamans of the Amazon, which, like all shamanic traditions, are rooted in the deep relation with all life, and hold ready ancient, extremely powerful healing practices.

These practices are not only able to affect physical and psychological discomfort and conditions of any kind, but also allow us to hear our soul’s call and to answer it by who and what we are.

This work doesn´t only suit adults, but on the contrary it does help children and teenagers with any physical or psychological issues in an awesome way.

By directly adressing any aspect or issue within our energy field, we are not only able to recover our strength and free forces that are deeply hidden within us, to release old fears, emotions, underlying beliefs and behaviour patterns that stop us, but this immediate access into our field allows us also to shift our neurophysiology and create new brain pathways. Whatever shows up in our lives can come to healing by accessing the cause directly within our inner space/luminous energy field.

While some themes and patterns can be resolved in one or very few sessions, others, especially the core issues of our personality and being, may need several sessions in a row to receive healing on different levels. Each shamanic treatment follows your own personal healing journey, part of this may be to first come into alignment and peace with all that is because each experience holds a gift, a lesson for us that we must allow ourselves to find.

Sessions can be done in the practice or, according to prior agreement, via phone or skype.

You are loved.
All is well.

Quotation from Abraham, Esther and Jerry Hicks