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Due to current events, you also find here two written blog-posts:
March 21, 2020:
Because I have already been asked several times how I think about the corona virus and its effects, I have decided to write a few sentences based on my perception.

The Inca prophecies speak of Pachakuti, Pacha means “earth”, Kuti means “setting things right”; Pachakuti is the one who turns things upside down. The Q’eros, the last of the Inca line, believe that the gates between the worlds will open again in these times.
They have long spoken of the fact that the new Guardians of Earth will come from the Western world and that they have the greatest influence on Mother Earth and the responsibility to renew her (our) relationship with Mother Earth – after we have renewed ourselves as well.
The prophecies speak of an end of time as we know it, speak of great changes and the stormy times that come with them, while the old structures break away and we get the opportunity to no longer orient ourselves to the past, but to who we can be and become.

The Hopi have long talked about this being the hour when we need to consider how we live, what our relationships are and whether we are in the right relationship with things, as in these words of a Hopi elder who is not known by name:
“Know your garden. It is time to speak your Truth. Create your community. Be good to each other. And do not look outside yourself for the leader “… “There is a river flowing very fast now. It is so great and swift that there are those who will be afraid. They will try to hold on to the shore. They will feel they are torn apart and will suffer greatly”… “Know that the river has its destination. The elders say we must push off into the middle of the river, keep our eyes open, and our heads above water”…
“The time for the lone wolf is over. Gather yourselves! Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary. All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in celebration.
We are the ones we´ve been waiting for.”

We are in the midst of these stormy times, which began long before the outbreak of the Corona virus, with wars in Syria and other places on earth, which bring countless people in need and on the run, with dictators in all corners of the earth, with fires in Australia, which cost the lives of billions of animals, trees and plants, with slaughterhouses, in which thousands of animals die agonizingly every day, with the climate change caused by us humans, which makes countless species extinct… and so much more.
None of this has really stopped us as a collective, has shaken us and made us act as a result of this upheaval.

Nothing has been enough to make us feel as a collective, that everything concerns us, that we are in fact separated from nothing, that everything affects us.

And that we are the guardians, not the rulers of this magnificent garden and all creation; the guardians who care for all beings.
We can already see the gold in this event, the breathing space (and hopefully much more than just a breathing space) that the outbreak of the corona virus gives Mother Earth and nature: blue skies instead of smog over many cities in China and elsewhere, dolphins in the ports of Italy and blue water and returning fish in the canals of Venice, balcony concerts, surprisingly free time. A sigh of relief for nature and a sigh of relief for us humans in our otherwise so much action and time pressure in our everyday life.

Life on earth follows cycles, and we are in a transition from a more masculine and doing-dominated energy to a more feminine and being-dominated energy in our way of life.
How important is our work to us, and for what reasons, how much do we depend on money as an apparent security, and on security in general, how do we spend our time, which things are really important, and which relationships? What do we really need to live well? All these questions are forced on us by the outbreak of the Corona virus. What are our priorities, how do we want to live? Can we endure silence, surrender to it? Can we look inside, shift our attention from the outside to the inside to be really present?

In these times, be as present as possible. Be awake and act awake and prudent on every level:
On the level of Serpent, the level of physical reality, in practical care for yourself, your body and for others. Many good and important things have already been said about this, you already know all about it: take vitamin C and D, wash your hands, keep your physical distance…
On the level of Jaguar, the level of thoughts and emotions, clear your emotional baggage, clear yourself with all the ways and techniques available to you, keep it light, make of these things what you really feel like. Relieve any fears, anger, judgments that arise, to strengthen your immune system from here and to send out helpful frequencies to be sources of light in this time.
On the level of Hummingbird, the level of the soul, surrender yourself to this holy journey, agree to it and take your place as an earth guardian as much as you can.
On level of Eagle, the level of energy and greatest connections, create ceremonies, make fire to release old energies, put prayers into it, sit in silence, if you can, become silence…
Know yourself for the silence that you are.

And finally: Hold the vision, trust the process – hold within you the vision of what life on this precious planet can look like, let’s dream this vision into existence together, focus our attention on it rather than on unnourishing ideas.  And trust life, this wisdom that is so much greater than that of our own small minds.
And may everything that happens here be for the greater good of all.

March 28, 2020:
In the last newsletter I have already spoken about the prophecies of the Inca and the Hopi, who have long announced the turn of time, including the breaking and breaking up of the old structures.
The question of our vision, the question of how we want to live as a collective seems more important than ever.

On all levels, the physical level, the level of thoughts and emotions, the level of our soul or our innermost being and on the level of the greatest connections we have to be awake and act awake.
Like the shamans, be self-referencing – in your attitudes and decisions relate to yourself, your innermost being; don’t let yourself be irritated by storms and panic spreading outside, or as little as possible and for as short a time as possible, and keep reflecting on what feels true for you.

On a practical-physical level take care of yourself and your body, of all people and all beings – check who needs your help and where and how you can be in solidarity. To walk in beauty on earth, to be an earthkeeper, as the shamanic traditions teach us, means caring for all of creation on the earth. In these days, where can you stretch out to, to where and in what way does your solidarity flow? What do you have to give? What do you want to give?
On the level of the mind, act as awake as you can, always checking what seems true to you, both externally and internally. Allow yourself not to jump to hasty conclusions, but to question again and again what seems to be true, this is the same with your thought and belief patterns and emotional storms as it is for what comes to you from outside.
And never lose sight of the greater perspective, that level of Spirit, that of Life itself, of the one force behind all forces. Do not lose sight of the spiritual dimension of what is happening; always allow yourself to see through the eyes of the eagle to see the bigger picture.

The earthly plane and the spiritual plane must go hand in hand within us – spirituality separated from earthly-human experience makes us become fanatics or spiritual corpses on the wayside, sinking into indifference and passivity and no longer co-creating. There is a big difference between passivity and awake presence. And earthly-human existence without the spiritual dimension makes us fall into pessimism, darkness of mind and meaninglessness, especially in challenging times, without faith in the greater process.

Stay awake, stay connected, stay with faith and in your power.
And may everything that happens here be for the highest good of all.