Psychology graduate
Psychological psychotherapist (behaviour therapy)
Child and youth therapist (behaviour therapy)
Trauma therapist (certified by DeGPT)
trained in EMDR
trained in IRRT (Imagery Rescripting & Reprocessing Therapy)
trained in the treatment of complex trauma disorders
own private practice since 2006

Shamanic energy medicine

Shamanic practitioner, deeply connected to the medicine path and tradition of the peruvian Inca- and jungle-shamans
with great love towards the sacred plants and the plant medicine of the Amazonian jungle
Master graduate and former assistant teacher of the Healing the Light Body School of The Four Winds Society, founded by Alberto Villoldo
Leading jungle retreats as well as basic and advanced workshops regarding different aspects of shamanic energy work
2009 – 2017 regular stays and periods of training in the peruvian amazon jungle, particularly with Maestros Edinson Panduro Rumayna and Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez

Other trainings and pathways

Healer Trainings and Teacher Training with Dr. Michael Shaffer (USA – „SpaceWork“)
deeply connected to this way of working within our inner spaces that allow powerful realizations of self and consciousness, an expanded inner mobility and transformation of habitual unconscious personal, genetic and cultural patterns into new awakened and healthy structures

2013 – 2018 regular workshops, silence and transformational retreats with Shai Tubali
with high awareness of the necessity of our unconditional Yes to Life, our full presence and agreement with that what is; and what it really means to be mature as a human being

Practitioner of the Expansion method® (led by Shai Tubali)
with profound insights into the subtle anatomy and the possibilities of the expansion of our states of consciousness for therapeutic processes as well as processes of creativity and decisionmaking, of transformation, meditation and transcendence

Power Psychology Instructor by Shai Tubali
with powerful tools to understand and liberate our psyche and for the development of self-discipline and true inner power

Graduate of the School of the Heart, led by Shai Tubali
with powerful ways to allow our heart to always be open and to center ourselves in the Heart and the Love, as much as to grow the qualities and powers of an invincible heart

Intensives led by Michael Roads
enthused by his teachings of unconditional Love, the necessity of emotional completeness and the importance of our relationship towards ourselves

Highly influenced by the teachings of Osho
with profound awareness of the necessity of freedom from ourselves / a free consciousness

Influenced by the teachings of Abraham Hicks
in deep awareness of our constant creation of reality und the necessity of alignment with our inner being

Influenced by the teachings of Clarissa Pinkola Estes
deeply connected to the power of the wild woman

Trained in tantric touch/massage (AnandaWave®)
with a deep sense of touch, our approach to our body and sexuality

Since 2010 Biodanza teacher in supervision (system Rolando Toro, IBF) and ten years of Biodanza experience, deeply enjoying this space of inner and outer touch, movement and human encounter, with profound awareness of our humanness and connectedness

Angel Therapy Practitioner®
Advanced Angel Trainer® and Medium
Master-Teacher Magnified Healing®
Reiki master

Passionate traveller
with a profound connection to Africa, South and North America, formed during periods living in Kenya, Argentina and Australia, in the Amazon-jungle, the andes and the holy mountains of Peru, and by intensive experiences in the Sahara-desert

The only thing that matters at the end of our days is how much love is burning in our hearts.

Shai Tubali